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Your fingerprints: the only fingerprints like ’em.

Your road-trip bag: well, there’s a distinct possibility it’s got a twin that’ll show up at your same cabin one day.

And creepy twins give you nightmares.

Anyway: time to pay a visit to B:Scott: One of One, a novel way to get a custom bag that quite literally has your name on it, available now by appointment on Olive.

So you may have heard of a curious new shop on Olive—it’s called IX II II. Like the address: 922 Olive. But more regal, or more Roman, or something. Moving on. You’ll make an appointment there, then you’ll go there. And if you want to pick up an edgy black shirt from B:Scott, you can totally buy one. Go right ahead.

But you did make an appointment to get a bag made. So do that. You’re meeting with the B:Scott designer in person, and you’ve got 40 different leathers to choose from—browns and reds and blacks and more. You’ve got wooden handles to choose from—mango tree or pine. You’ve got dimensions to decide on, and pockets to create—whiskey bottles have such specific shapes.

And then: you’ll wait. The designer will do... design stuff. Who knows. But in three to five weeks, depending on how crazy you got during the brainstorming phase, your made-in-Downtown-LA bag will emerge with your name laser-etched inside.

Lasers make everything cooler.


B:Scott: One of One
922 S Olive St
Los Angeles, CA, 90015


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