Full Steed Ahead

Horseback Riding in the World’s Driest Desert

You had so many great moments this summer with horses.

The polo matches. The long trots on the beach. The glorious double-overtime victory against Ann Romney’s mare at the Olympics.

And yet, they were all just prologue to your most epic equestrian achievement to come...

Prepare yourself for Horseback Riding in the Extreme Desert, a five-day excursion across the Chilean Atacama involving you, a trusty steed and the world’s driest, most challenging desert, taking reservations now.

NASA has spent decades testing equipment for its Mars missions here, thanks to the desert’s remarkable similarity to the scorched Martian landscape. But you’re about to make any interplanetary rover expedition look like a lazy river ride in Orlando.

Your route: 60 miles of galloping on specially bred Criollo stallions across dunes, mountains, volcanoes and other features that haven’t seen rain in centuries. There for support: an expert in the art of extreme horsebacking and a local guide with the all-time record for most accurate weather forecasts. (But sadly, also the record for most unsuccessful rain dances.)

Along the way, you’ll get fitted for some authentic leather gaucho chaps and dine under the stars—and if you get thirsty, no worries: the whole package comes with an open bar.

Which just so happens to make the world’s driest martini.


Horseback Riding in the Extreme Desert
Atacama Desert, Chile
official website

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