On a Roll

Nobu Sushi at Your Place. With a Sushi Guru.

None Since the dawn of time, man has used his hands to generate euphoric levels of pleasure.

We’re talking about sushi, of course.

Specifically, Nobu. At your door.

We’re making that happen for you...

Do some dexterity exercises for Nobu Hand Roll Box Delivery, a Nobu feast you’ll create with your own bare hands with the help of your very own sushi expert. UD Perks is hooking it up for you right now.

You’ve had sushi from Chef Matsuhisa. You were never the same after that. Birds chirped chirpier. The sky was bluer. Other sushi was just not an option anymore.

And it shouldn’t be. Because now, when you’re sitting around your salmon-roe-deprived house or your tragically yellowtail-less office, you’re just going to have them bring you 50 hand rolls’ worth of Nobu goodness in a wooden box, along with a personal sushi director to school you in the Zen art of rolling it all up just right.

Everything you need is here. Raw fish, tamago, vegetables, avocado, wasabi, sauces and nori. It’ll feed up to a dozen people (or one extremely hungry one). All you have to do is visit UD Perks and schedule your order. Then it will be so.

In case it wasn’t clear, you’re the extremely hungry one.

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