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Hed Kandi Lounge Opens

The gastro-lounge/musik lab on Washington Ave you've been looking for has arrived.

Okay, maybe you weren't looking for a gastro-lounge/musik lab on Washington Ave, but with the opening of Hed Kandi Lounge tomorrow night, maybe you should have been.

Inspired by the UK-based Hed Kandi empire (which includes a record label, radio show and nightclub franchise), this spot is like that DJ-heavy club you spent a few crazy, boozy nights in while you were "studying" in London. (Only with a dash of molecular gastronomy, a bit tanner skin...and probably much better teeth.)

Instead of one massive dance floor, the space is divided up among curving leather benches, glowing Lucite wall columns and gold lamé curtains (think Posh Spice meets Goldmember). The bar is way back in the far corner, so you'll order most of your harem's Sexy Kandis (passion fruit, blast of liquid nitrogen, a strawberry dipped in pop rocks) from the comfort of your chair.

If hunger strikes during your all-night Brit-athon, the high-tech bites include nitrous oxide-infused popcorn, tomato juice capsules with balsamic caviar and smoked sweet plantains wrapped in bacon topped with mozzarella and mint.

In other words...you might want to eat a little something beforehand.


Hed Kandi Lounge
1200 Washington Ave
(at 12th)
Coconut grove
Miami, FL, 33133


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