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A Vintage Sneaker Shop on Las Olas

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So there’s this house party we just heard about.

It’s on Las Olas. You probably know what to expect.

Keg beer. Loud music. Lots of people. A bit of dancing. Somebody breaking something important. The neighbors complaining. The cops getting called. A bunch of mint-condition original Air Jordans being sold.

Okay, so you didn’t know exactly what to expect...

Welcome to The Archives, a hip-hop-heavy house party/sneaker store that’s selling rare kicks and Solo cups filled with beer, now soft-open in Fort Lauderdale.

If Kanye opened up a Foot Locker, it would probably look something like this: black leather couches, dark terrazzo floors, flat-screens, Xboxes, a solid-gold toilet (really) and a big, giant wall stocked with highly sought-after collectible footwear.

Your primary motivation for coming here: sneakers. Hard-to-find, limited-edition kicks. Everything from early-’90s basketball high-tops to Jason Segel’s signature pair of New Balance 993s to Rony Seikaly’s custom Reebok aqua socks. Okay, those don’t exist, but if they did, ever, chances are these guys could find them.

And even if you don’t necessarily need new shoes, you’ll still want to swing by this place for the atmosphere. It’s sort of like the set of a rap video. There’s an elevated DJ booth. A couple of beer taps. A makeshift dance floor.

But alas, no superyachts and helicopters.


The Archives
1304 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33301


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