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Double-Magnum Gloriousness in Cambridge

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Kendall Square.

Doesn’t have a lot in common with Atlantic City.

But now it does.

Or at least now it has one thing in common with Atlantic City.

This: Belly Wine Bar, your new home base for wine, whole animals and tables from the AC boardwalk, opening tonight in Cambridge.

If a team of oenophiles opened an exposed-timber neighborhood playland of vino and charcuterie in an old firehouse-making factory, you’d get something like this. Actually, this is exactly that, courtesy of the experts behind the Blue Room (next door) and Central Bottle (no slouches in grape knowledge).

Starting tonight, you and a date will strut in here and grab a table (custom-made using reclaimed wood from the Atlantic City boardwalk), a few glasses of Beaujolais and snacks. Think: Island Creek oysters, rabbit rillettes and the 24-ounce, dry-aged, grass-fed, wood-grilled Rhinestone Cowboy steak for two (like we said... snacks).

Or if you’re flanked by friends, you can use the 12-person private dining space in the back of the wine room for a whole-animal feast (goat, pig, baby lamb). Should you be feeling generous, you can even buy the entire house a drink. Just call for a Rainmaker: essentially a three-liter, double-magnum bottle of chosen wine they then distribute into every glass in the room.

Or you can just drink it yourself. Either way.


Belly Wine Bar
1 Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA, 02139


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