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A Low-Key Sports Bar on Hayes

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It’s almost here.

The running. The tackling. The cheerleading.

Yep, your unique take on Rosh Hashanah continues to astound.

Anyway, here’s a new sports bar that’s pretty much tailor-made for that other upcoming holy season (that would be football)...

Allow us to introduce Dobbs Bar, a gloriously no-fuss locals bar born out of Dobbs Ferry’s no-man’s-land back room, now open in Hayes Valley.

This used to be Dobbs Ferry’s private dining area, which they were going to turn into the restaurant’s takeout counter. But they ditched those plans and wisely put in a bar. There, you can post up and take in the baseball playoffs, a Niners game and/or one of those weird Swedish log-carrying competitions they sometimes show on ESPN2. You know: sports.

All the essentials are here: six TVs, clear sight lines, beer. We like the corner booth, where you can take in a couple games at once.

You’ll also want to take note of the shots menu, which takes a cocktail-y approach (like the tres leches liqueur/whiskey Milk Bone). The food’s surprisingly strong, too—there’s everything from pizza balls and chicken nuggets to a burger with a pork belly add-on.

So the basic food groups are covered.


Dobbs Bar
406 Hayes St
(at Gough)
San Francisco, CA, 94102


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