Dog the Movie Hunter

Movie Buff-Powered Film Recommendations

Decisions are often best left to the experts.
The sommelier narrows down the wine, your tailor fine-tunes your pants, and if you had it your way, a movie buff would find you the perfect rental.
Introducing Clerk Dogs, a new Mission-based website that acts like the movie guy at your neighborhood video store.

Think of Clerk Dogs as the movie version of Pandora or a human-generated Netflix. Type in a title—say, No Country for Old Men—and get a list of recommendations from actual video store clerks (complete with snarky attitude and bad acne) who find new releases like There Will Be Blood and older films like Taxi Driver to match your love for bad guys with worse haircuts.
Each pick has a "Movie DNA" slider that rates various elements of that particular film—like suspense, dry humor and character depth—and shows how it compares to the original movie. And, like the exchange you'd have at the store, you can specify whether you want more suspense but less violence (or more chick flicks disguised as romantic comedies if you've got company), and then narrow your selection until you find the right fit.

Sort of like genetic engineering. But, you know, for movies.

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