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Bubbly. High Tea. Italian Marble.

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Some days, it’s just you.

And some days, it’s you, your great aunt Ethel, a visiting British dignitary and that Peruvian pisco heiress you met on your most recent ceviche bender.

Well, we just found where you can take all of them. And it comes with a hotel attached.

Behold: The Reserve, your new bathed-in-Italian-marble lounge for continental breakfasts, high tea and bubbly, opening a week from Monday in the Langham Hotel.

Cast your thoughts to the last time you threw out the idea of predinner drinks with a date. The kind involving a glass of perfectly chilled champagne perched in an icy tub. You were picturing this place. Head here for a quickie (still talking about the drink, people) to set the stage for the kind of dinner that usually ends with more bubbly and some casual rooftop hot-tubbing (ah, first dates).

As for the surroundings: hotel-lobby-lounge-ish (it’s basically out in the open in the newly renovated entrance). The design: sleek, courtesy of some imported Italian marble, a lot of white leather and a few well-placed banquettes set into the walls.

The secondary usage: when that great aunt of yours requests an audience with you, you’ll be happy to know they’ll be offering proper British tea midday, with savory bites like cucumber/sprout/white pepper/dill finger sandwiches.

Extended pinkie while tea-ing: your call.

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