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Pure, Concentrated Italian-ness in SoHo

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You and Italian food.

You go way back. Way back to when you were introduced to a friendly chef by the name of Boyardee.

He’s been out of the picture for a while, but your fervent ardor for the cuisine of the Boot has never wavered.

So this one’s for him...

Open your heart to Angolo SoHo, a casual little corner spot from a former Dell’anima and Cannibal chef, packing a serious amount of bold Italian-ness and opening tomorrow.

Now, bold Italian-ness: in this case, a combination of a ’70s Roman café, multisyllabic dishes that you have no choice but to pronounce in an affected accent and criminally underutilized pasta shapes smothered with truffles.

Oh yeah, and meat. God yes on the meat. Pork chops and Sardinian lamb loin, for example. (You didn’t think the Cannibal guy would go vegan.)

If it seems ambitious, relax. It’s just a classic mirror-backed bar, a long black banquette, some very orange seats and a handful of two-tops. A place where you’ll meet up with a couple of confidants on a Thursday and hash out your first post–Labor Day weekend plans over house-cured charcuterie, some meat and bottles of dolcetto.

You know, just a little lamb loin between friends.


Angolo SoHo
53 Grand St
(at W Broadway)
New York, NY, 10013


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