Chicken Waffle Nuggets

Golden Nugget

Chicken Waffle Nuggets. Yes.

None You haven’t been your snacking self lately.

Greens. Rogue vats of organic salsa. A lot of strange spherical objects we’ve been informed are called “fruit.”

All fine and good. But we found something more... you.

Oh yes, it involves waffles.

Prepare your salivary glands for Chicken Waffle Nuggets, M3’s new off-menu delicacies combining bourbon ale, waffles, chicken and possibly magic, available starting today in Davis Square.

Folks, what you have here are goodness-balls of two-ounce housemade chicken patties slathered in equally housemade waffle batter, buttressed with some Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (Bluegrass State–born suds are known fortifiers). A quick dip in the fryolator later, they are then tossed in apple-butter syrup before being served with some macerated cherries on top (“macerated” being another way of saying they’re soaked in wine).

They come two to a plate, look like giant Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins and taste like biting into a sweet, waffle-y, bourbon-ale-licked dream.

Not to be confused with all your other dreams involving licking.


Chicken Waffle Nuggets
available at M3
382 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA, 02144

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