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Button-Downs and Beer in Fort Lauderdale

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Facilitator of conversation, reckless feats of courage and... the occasional fried-fish battering.

But let’s not pigeonhole the stuff.

Beer can be capable of so much more.

Take this evening, for example. Beer is going to help you pick out a new pair of jeans.

Welcome inside Elektrik Boutique, a Fort Lauderdale shop with handsome wares (blazers, button-downs, the sort) and a handy wet bar, now open/pouring.

So say you’re in the market for some denim... while simultaneously being in the vicinity of Fort Lauderdale. That’s when you’ll come here. To this rakish Las Olas trove with silver leather couches, vintage gumball machines, oversized black chandeliers and, yes, an open bar.

Start by having them pour you a pint of something good. Then, comb the racks. You’ll notice smart blazers from Moods of Norway. A couple of tailored shirts from J.Lindeberg. A weather-resistant loafer from Swims (you refuse to put on socks in summer, even during hurricane season).

Grab a few things that catch your eye. And while you’re busy trying stuff on/working through your second brew, the folks here will happily handle all the little details. Like sending your new pants out for a last-minute dry-cleaning press. Or calling up one of the tougher restaurants in the area and making you a dinner reservation.

You know, for the grand unveiling of your new pants.


Elektrik Boutique
619 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33301


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