M.F. Dulock Pasture-Raised Meats

Out to Pasture

Somerville’s New Depot of Pristine Meats

None Football season. It’s sort of here.

What’s definitely here: your plans for tailgating. Which calls for meat.

Ideally, killer meat coming from a single animal. That’s led a wondrous life. Within 250 miles of Boston.

Which is why you’ll like M.F. Dulock Pasture-Raised Meats, Somerville’s new high-end butcher for DIY charcuterie and whole animals from small local farms, opening a week from today near Davis Square.

Quite simply, this is your new meat haven for whole animals that have been treated... as well as whole animals that you’ll end up eating can be treated (100% pasture-raised, artificial-hormone-free, etc.). The owner can even tell you what the 800-pound beast providing your three-pound tomahawk steak ate during its life. (Hint: it involves a lot of grass.)

It’s also a nice place to look at, decked with framed meat-cut posters from 1946, life-size silhouettes of steers and pigs, and an illustrated breakdown of the different sections on each animal, painted by the guy’s wife and fellow butcher (nothing hotter than a lady handing you a fresh-cut pork loin).

Plus, they’ve got all the spices and meat casings needed for DIY charcuterie or from-scratch sausage, should you be trying to replicate those bangers you had for breakfast last year in Edinburgh.

And by bangers, we mean... whatever bangers are.


M.F. Dulock Pasture-Raised Meats
201A Highland Ave
Somerville, MA, 02143

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