Lattes and Lingerie

The Hottest Coffee on the Strip

UrbanDaddy - Sexpresso There are two things Vegas has never been short on: scantily clad women and stimulants. But luckily the creative geniuses in the desert keep rolling out strangely intoxicating combinations of the two...

Welcome to SexxPresso, the new Vegas spot devoted to coffee and lingerie, not necessarily in that order.

The place opens at 4am on weekdays, which means when you need a late-night change of scenery from your favored exotic establishment—along with a quick (legal) pick-me-up—you can just saunter down to a tiny diner-looking nook on Las Vegas Boulevard and clear your head with a different kind of beverage...and the same perfect view. The baristas here sport fishnets, push-up bras, lacy boy-shorts and high heels, and after an Americano or two, you'll be alert enough to savor every last detail.
It doesn't hurt that the decor is a perfect Crazy Horse red and the drinks come in sizes A, B and DD—we wouldn't speculate on your preference—along with specials like the "slap-accino" and the "erotic pleasure." (It's a good drink, but we couldn't help but feel let down.) The coffee itself is all gourmet Italian, so it's good enough to replace Starbucks in your morning (or late-night) routine, even without the scenic advantages.

But if you're judging them by their beans, you may want to rethink your priorities.


3041 Las Vegas Blvd South
(between the Riviera and Encore)
North Strip
Las Vegas, NV, 89109

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