Ristorante Rafele

A Place in the Sun

Italian Deliciousness in the West Village

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If you don’t like Italian food, stop right now.

If mouthwatering meatballs aren’t your bag, just turn around.

If lovingly wood-fired pizza doesn’t set your heart aflutter, go no further.

Also, you might not have a pulse.

Anyway, you’ve been warned...

... About Ristorante Rafele, a bright new spot in the Village where miraculous Italian-food-related things are occurring, now open.

Yeah, miraculous. We sense your skepticism. Let us counter that with two words: miniature meatballs. Pan-seared, smaller-than-a-golf-ball-sized meatballs. Meatballs made from beef and veal. Meatballs that are just a little crispy on the outside. That’s what you’re working with here. (That and grilled octopus, housemade tagliolini with truffle pâté and a braised pork belly that’ll make you glad pigs have bellies.)

This is what the Olive Garden wants to be when it grows up. Just a casual date spot with an unrepentant use of French doors, ample sidewalk seating and a pile of produce so fresh it almost looks fake.

You’ll probably learn a thing or two here, too. The kitchen is completely open. Just pull up a stool at its marble counter and watch an honest-to-God nonna doing what she was put on this planet to do: turn pasta into works of art.

Not to put her in a box or anything.


Ristorante Rafele
29 7th Ave S
(between Morton and Leroy)
New York, NY 10014


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