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Mastering the Outdoors in Maine

None Roughing it has gotten a bit soft lately. (Three words: camping with flat-screens.)

Well, we just found something a tad more intense.

Don’t worry, there’s still a sauna involved. You just have to build it. Out of sticks.

Behold: Jack Mountain Private Bushcraft Instruction, a customizable wilderness-survival experience for your next bachelor party or company outing, taking reservations now.

Think of this as a real-life, choose-your-own woodsy adventure. Led by a state-certified Maine master guide who once served as an expert consultant to Bear Grylls. (No urine will be required to drink, thankfully.)

You’ll start by sending him a note, and from there the two of you plan... whatever. Say, a weekend excursion with some buddies in the North Maine Woods, where you learn to use your natural surroundings to survive (see: tree sap as nature’s Neosporin). Or a bear-, grouse- or moose-hunting trip with expert trackers (yes, they cook what you bag on outdoor fires at night).

You can even plan a multiday trek this winter into the frozen Maine tundra, holed up in four-person canvas tents and warmed by wood stoves that you cart on handmade toboggans. These are the same stoves you’ll use to heat the outdoor saunas you build out of branches and hot rocks—which hover around 170 degrees inside.

But please: keep your towel on.


Jack Mountain Private Bushcraft Instruction

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