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The hot sun beats on your back. You’re surrounded by cacti. And suddenly, some distance ahead, you see what must be a mirage:

Pants. You see pants.

This is no mirage. The pants are real.

And you’re presumably inside Tradesmen, a desert-ish shop filled with all manner of made-in-the-US clothes, now open in Venice.

With all the succulents, big-blue-sky photos on the walls and huge windows letting in the sun, the place will make you feel like you’re shopping somewhere in the sand between here and Palm Springs. (Except, you know, you’re in Venice.) Pretty much everything inside goes together in a way that looks part vintage-convertible-ad, part just-wearing-a-good-shirt-without-trying-too-hard. The owners (a pair of Gap execs gone rogue) made it really easy for you.

For your upper half, casual oxfords from Palmer Trading Company. For your lower half, some old-school Tellason jeans or The West is Dead chinos. (Think: James Franco playing a librarian. Who’s about to unearth a dark secret.) For your... middle half, we guess: a sleek Teranishi Handcrafted leather wallet, maybe a roomy canvas bag from Archival Clothing. Pretty much everything is made in the states, and many of the labels have been around for decades.

Yep, even older than Franco.


1807 Lincoln Blvd
Venice, CA, 90291


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