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Seafood Tavern from the Spotted Pig Team

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Man cannot live on Spotted Pig burgers and gnudi alone. Although he certainly can try.
Here to expand the Ken Friedman/April Bloomfield empire of hotness, and to join the 10th Avenue Highline fray—alongside Del Posto, Morimoto and Craftsteak—is John Dory, the highly anticipated haute sea pub from the Spotted Pig team, now taking reservations for Monday's big opening.
Allow us, then, to give you the first swim in the aquarium...

Actually, let's start outside: Rather than street lamps, you'll know you're in the right spot when you're basking in the light of two glowing outdoor fish tanks (think of the fish as the bouncers). Once inside, you'll feel like you've walked into an elegantly warped fish museum. Fish fly at you from every angle—a 900-gallon saltwater tank, an epic underwater mural in the small back dining room, on floor and ceiling tiles and, most impressively, suspended in the actual bar surface—and the overall effect is a sort of cozy, glowing, underwater den.

You'll want to slip in to the tiny space, take your place amongst the sea creatures at the back bar (facing the open kitchen) and dive into the overflowing menu of langoustines, cod milt, baby octopus and other ocean delicacies (try the classic Oyster Pan Roast or the namesake Whole John Dory). You'll leave well-fed on the fruits of the sea, prepared with April Bloomfield's haute British touch.

Give a man a fish...


The John Dory
85 10th Ave
(between 15th and 16th St)
Meatpacking District
New York, NY, 10011


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