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Burgers and Whiskey Milkshakes on Masonic

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Whiskey: one of the greats.

Milkshakes: also solid.

So according to the totally-not-made-up Law of Greatness (two great things combined makes one even greater thing), whiskey milkshakes are... very, very solid and great.

And hey, look, here comes a new hookup for whiskey milkshakes...

Give a warm welcome to The Corner Store, a retro hangout for spiked milkshakes and other all-American goods, soft-opening Wednesday on Masonic.

This place is kind of like an old general store. There’s old-timey white tiles and oak-wood stools. But these stools happen to be made out of an old oak tree from Sonoma that was struck by lightning. And instead of, like, milk and bread, this place has cocktails and fried chicken. So as we said: kind of like an old general store.

We see you coming here for brunch. Grab a spot on the patio (oh, right—there’s a patio), order some blueberry ricotta pancakes and get the Manhattan Milkshake or one of the cocktails served from the old soda fountain.

Which reminds us: the food’s from a Salt House vet, so you’re in good hands whether you’re craving a fried-chicken sandwich, some coriander-crusted pork loin or just a burger.

Not that it’s ever just a burger.


The Corner Store
5 Masonic Ave
(at Geary)
San Francisco, CA, 94118


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