Things to do for August 16, 2012

The Weekender

Beer Floats, Ham and Animal Instincts

The weekend knows you are, but what is the weekend?

UD - Root Beer Floats, Minus the Root

Root Beer Floats, Minus the Root

The root beer float had its time. And a wonderful time it was. But hark, the age of the beer float is upon you. Specifically, a four-flight tasting menu of beer floats that’ll include Van Leeuwen chocolates and vanillas lovingly scooped into Allagashes and stouts. Beer floats... of course.

UD - Katz’s Pastrami Egg Rolls to Go

Katz’s Pastrami Egg Rolls to Go

Normally, the introduction of takeout at a Chinese place is... well, not worthy of note. But when it’s a place you’ve gladly waited hours for a seat in, and that serves Katz’s pastrami egg rolls and life-altering soup dumplings, exceptions are made. So here.

Now offering takeout, RedFarm, 529 Hudson St (between W 10th St and Charles), 212-792-9700

UD - Like Seamless for Dry Cleaning

Like Seamless for Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning. No, wait. Hear us out. This thing is like the Seamless of dry cleaning. A web account that sets up pickup, cleaning of your clothing in a dry manner and delivery. Meaning the amount of time you spend thinking about it, ever, will plummet. In fact, what dry cleaning?

UD - A Flash-Mob Dinner Dressed in White

A Flash-Mob Dinner Dressed in White

A few facts about Dîner en Blanc—it’s a massive, 3,000-person, Paris-exported mass pop-up dinner where everyone’s in white, including you. The menu: up to you. You’re bringing it. The location: no idea until right before it happens. How you’ll get involved: through us. It’s sold out, but we’ve saved you a seat. Little advice: hurry.

Aug 20, 6:30pm, $25, Dîner en Blanc, undisclosed location

UD Hookup: Your shot at seats is right here. Enter “URBANDADDY” in the first name field and your full name in the surname field. You’ll know tomorrow morning if you’re in...

UD - A Beast-Themed Rager in SoHo

A Beast-Themed Rager in SoHo

So there’s this party happening where lots of excessively attractive human beings dress up and paint themselves like animals. Roofeeo from TV on the Radio will be spinning. Go-go dancers will be gyrating suggestively. You are of course welcome to join in that pursuit.

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