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Gavin Newsom’s New Winery in Stags Leap

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Election season. It’s almost here.

And as always, it’s a great time to see politicians doing politician-y things.

Kissing babies. Shaking hands. Giving speeches. Stomping grapes.

Actually, that last one’s just Gavin Newsom...

Presenting Odette Estate, a new Stags Leap District winery from the lieutenant governor/former mayor and his pal Gordon Getty, now open on the Silverado Trail.

So yeah: you could say some money and some power are behind this place. Which may or may not explain the rich, bold, deal-closing-y reds the place produces. But it would definitely explain the hilarity of imagining Gavin and Gordon going all Stomp on some grapes.

Anyway, you’re probably already familiar with the duo’s other two spots, PlumpJack and Cade. This place is similarly bright and lofty, and happens to be the closest of the three to the city, meaning it’s a good quick day trip for you and a couple buddies. Open up a bottle and spend an afternoon by the windows, or hit the private room next door for a bite from the tasting menu.

Then, at some point next year, you’ll want to come back and host a private dinner in their massive wine caves.

Worst-case scenario, you drown in cabernet. Worst-case.


Odette Estate
5998 Silverado Trail
Napa, CA, 94558


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