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A Traveling Band of Pierogi Makers

6 Photos Krasula Pierogi Bar
None 6 Photos Krasula Pierogi Bar
It has been said that the dumpling is the perfect food.

By you.

While you were eating pierogis.

That were made at your office.

Later today.

We’ll explain.

Open your heart to Krasula Pierogi Bar, a merry band of Polish dumpling makers willing to ply their trade anywhere your hunger may be, available now.

Let’s get a few things out of the way. This bit of genius comes courtesy of a design student who grew up in Poland. The name: it comes from a cow she had growing up. You’re with us so far. These guys will be at Brooklyn Flea starting this fall, and they’re working on funding a pop-up bar that will move around the city, which is all well and good. But until then, they’re at your beck and call, which is where things get interesting.

As in spicy-sausage-with-kale-and-shallot-pierogis-made-in-your-living-room interesting. Beef-bacon-potato-and-cheese-on-your-“borrowed”-yacht interesting. Strawberries, blueberries, peaches—yes, in pierogis. Pierogis by chefs who can be summoned to anywhere you desire, like... beside your table at another restaurant that may or may not serve pierogis.

And all of said pierogis are made with fresh, seasonal versions of those things we mentioned, as is the style these days.

You want that in a heavily fried lunch.

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