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A Movie Theater. For You. In a Hotel.

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Just annoying. More so when your chairman emails you a request to find the newest space to throw a little company get-together. Something for 200 people. With a lot of plush Italian leather seating.

And this time, not at your place.

Boom: meet Theatre 1, a brand-new, fully rentable, massive, 225-seat private theater (yes, there’s a bar) at Revere Hotel, accepting reservations now.

So picture it: you’ve sorted out the details for the party (okay, your assistant did). On the chosen night, you’ll hit up the foyer bar for a few pre-party (and intermission and post-credits) libations before grabbing a plush, tan Italian leather sofa (or a stadium-style seat, also leathery).

In the ’70s, the space hosted first runs of A Clockwork Orange and Apocalypse Now, both of which will look equally as good on the new 30-foot screen and with state-of-the-art projection and surround sound. It can even be fully catered, set up for private advance film screenings (see: The Expendables 2) or just some corporate tomfoolery (the seats all have outlets and retractable tables).

If for some reason you need a tad more room (say, for another 900 people), next door is Space57: a 6,000-square-foot raw event space, once a private indoor driving range for the son of the family that owned the property.

No, not the kid from The Toy.

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