Cider House Rules

A New Pub with a Ton of Hard Cider

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A truly jaw-dropping spectacle. The ecstasy of victory. The agony of defeat. The triumph of the human spirit over obstacles that once seemed immovable.

Yep, the Spice Girls reunion was really something.

Anyway, speaking of London, there’s a new English-y cider bar in town...

Say ’ello to Upcider, a new second-floor pub specializing in all things cider, now open in Polk Gulch.

When you think English pub, you probably think of something dark and woodsy. This... is not like that. Instead, you’ve got a breezy, window-filled gastropub, replete with long counters and plenty of tables. You can still call people bloke, though. (But maybe don’t.)

You’ll start at the concrete bar. Consult with Ozzie (he’s the owner/bartender) about the ciders. They come from near (Sacramento’s Two Rivers Huckleberry), from far (Henney’s Vintage Cider out of Herefordshire, England) and from whiskey barrels (Astarbe cider from Basque Country, which is aged in them).

The menu: literally meat and potatoes. Sliders made with Cajun chicken, pulled pork or spicy lamb. Buffalo fries. A stuffed potato soufflé with ground sausage and mashed potatoes.

The best kind of meat and potatoes.


1160 Polk St
(at Sutter)
San Francisco, CA, 94109


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