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A New Downtown Trove of Weirdness

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What we’re about to say may surprise you.

It may shock you.

It may even...

Oh wait, that’s tomorrow. Today, we’re just talking about a cool new furniture shop.

Open the gate and stride boldly into Storefront, a hidden Downtown gem filled with all sorts of interesting stuff for your place, officially opening Thursday right next to Wurstküche.

This is kind of like a mom-and-pop general store, if Mom were a flea-market hoarder with a fine eye for industrial carts... and Pop were a surfer who possibly dabbled in some hallucinogens. There’s a Danish couch, a mandolin, a giant Best Western sign, a functional vintage rocking horse and a “jet-powered surfboard”—which is thick like a kayak, you pour gas in it, and... they swear it works. (At the very least, it should work on your wall.)

As for who’s finding all this stuff—the curators are a fashion guy (from Apolis), an art guy (from Appointment Only gallery) and a surfing set decorator named Coryander who styled Beginners.

You knew there’d be someone named Coryander.


801 1/2 Traction Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90013


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