Las Vegas Gun Range

Trigger Happy

Shoot More Than Just Craps in Vegas

With the stress of the current economy, it's important to properly deal with your aggression.
Like perhaps using a machine gun. (Yoga can only take you so far.)

And for times like this we turn your attention to The Las Vegas Gun Range. Sure, Vegas has a few gun ranges, but this is your go-to because of its proximity to the Strip and its full arsenal of automatic weaponry, M-79 grenade launchers and...celebs like Colin Farrell (if you see him, we suggest hiding).
We recommend shooting your feelings of anxiety away with a mob-era Tommy gun (the gun that built Vegas), a Dirty Harry .44 Magnum (if you're starting to feel lucky again) or, for the ultimate itchy trigger finger, an M-16 or Uzi (nothing says stress relief like an Israeli automatic weapon).
Of course, gun ranges aren't concerned with aesthetics, and you won't see fine replicas of Italian resorts or ancient Rome here (though they do have a quaint "Safari Lounge" where you can let the epic magnificence of the moment sink in). Those in the know come to take the edge off of blackjack losses, for the adrenaline rush and for the strange sense of peace that washes over you once you're surrounded by the smell of gunpowder and a few hundred hot, spent shell casings.

It beats the hell out of going to therapy.


Las Vegas Gun Range
4610 Blue Diamond Rd
South Of Centre
Las Vegas, NV, 89139

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