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The First Night at RM Champagne Salon

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You’ve already heard a lot about RM Champagne Salon, the sexy down-the-alley spot behind Nellcôte. After a week of hype, things suddenly got very, very real last night. By which we mean... it, you know, opened. Here’s what you need to know:

Right now, the patio is the place to be.
Antique furniture, a hand-carved bar and a giant marble fireplace will be waiting for candlelight-aided cozying this fall. But the patio’s Provence-in-1971 vibe—strings of fairy lights, Moroccan lanterns, cobblestones—means you’ll be more comfortable there right now. We assume you’re cool with fairy lights.

There’s nary a Roman candle in sight.
Sure, the prosecco here is served by the magnum, but you won’t find cocktail waitresses parading it through with a sparkler stuck inside. The specialty here is boutique, single-estate champagnes. There are 76 of them. If you want Dom, head to Nellcôte. If you want girls with sparklers... stay at home.

You may have to eat 20 desserts.
You could piece together a meal here—a few oysters, a little foie with Michigan peaches, a Lyonnaise salad. But you’ll probably end up ordering their bite-size desserts: cherry marshmallows, truffle PB&Js, housemade Kit Kats. Saying “One of each” is perfectly acceptable.

Also: “Three of each” works pretty well, too.

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