Raising the Bar

Bourbon & Branch, Home Edition

A martini is only as good as its gin, a beer is only as good as its hops, and a home is only as good as its liquor cabinet/beer wing.

Which is why it gives us great pleasure to introduce Cask, opening today.

Brought to you by the connoisseurs at Bourbon & Branch, Cask has all the supplies you need to start/complete your own rare-spirits den, that special place in your home where you like to host international diplomats, distinguished scholars and your regular callings from Katherine Heigl.

Walk into Cask, and beneath its oak-barreled ceiling you'll see a meticulously curated variety of whiskeys, ryes, bourbons, vodkas, wines and beers. (Think of it as BevMo if BevMo was mo' upscale.) Cask has stuff you might not find anywhere else in the city or even the world, like the B&B/Cask-exclusive Elmer T. Lee bourbon (direct from Frankfort), the 23-year-old Vintage Rye or Napa's obscure Staglin Cabernet.

Of course, you'll need a few tools of the trade as well. That's why Cask has stocked industry-quality versions of every bar accessory you can think of, from a Mr. Mojito muddler (it's like Mr. Coffee's chilled-out cousin) to hand-presses for squeezing fresh citrus to fine glassware for your servings of wine and scotch. All you'll need to add are a couple of comfortable chairs.

And in some cases, the floor will work just fine...


17 Third St
(at Market)
Financial District
San Francisco, CA, 94103

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