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Union Square’s New Temple of BBQ

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We have good news and bad news today.

Bad news: it’s Monday (something worth noting if you’re reading this on your phone from bed).

Good news: it’s a Monday that witnesses the birth of a new true-blue Southern-style BBQ haven.

And it’s conveniently located in Union Square.

Introducing The Bearded Pig, the restaurant version of the year-old BBQ catering outfit of the same name, now open.

Brought to you by a former politico-cum-architect, this place feels like someone carved out a quaint little 40-seat BBQ shack from the South and dropped it right in Somerville. Think: restored original beadboard walls from the 1940s and some stools and tables sprinkled about, all housing an abundance of Carolina-style BBQ treasures (read: everything baked or 100% oak-smoked... no grilling).

About those treasures: they’ve got creamy slaw, platters of sliced brisket or smoked pork, housemade cornbread, mac and cheese, and full racks of ribs. All made the more Southern-y courtesy of authentic slather-stuff, from coastal-Carolina-style mustard sauce to sweet-and-spicy sauce in the tradition of Kansas City.

Which isn’t in the South, but close enough.


The Bearded Pig
445 Somerville Ave
Somerville, MA, 02143


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