Darwin 2.0

Taking the Galapagos by Yacht

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If, to paraphrase Darwin, adaptation is the name of the game, then you’ll just have to adapt before heading to his old stomping grounds.

No, we don’t mean you should grow webbed feet. But you should probably bring along scientists to identify local food sources and private chefs to cook your meals.

On a 10-cabin yacht with a jacuzzi and bar... because we’re not lower-order primates, after all.

Presenting Volcanic Island Hopping Across the Galapagos, a new cruise that’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, taking reservations now.

If you can’t decide between proving natural selection empirically and making R&B video gold with the remainder of your summer, this trip potentially covers both.

Like Darwin, you’ll have a crew of scientists and a fishing vessel to study the mating patterns of the red-footed booby up close. But unlike Darwin, you’ll be dispatching that vessel from an 83-foot superyacht, observing native fauna from its bartender-manned, hot-tub-equipped observation deck.

But the real highlight: swan-diving off the cratered volcanic wall of Genovesa Island. In the turquoise yonder below, you’ll snorkel with sea lions, and perhaps hitch a ride through the channel with a bottlenose dolphin pod back to shore. Then—and you didn’t hear it from us—a little unsanctioned tortoise-racing might be in order.

Loser gets to be soup.

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