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A Is for Alibi

Dancing and Whiskeying in SoMa

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Ah, lockers.

Good for holding textbooks. Gym bags. And on a few rare occasions, a rich bottle of 18-year-old scotch.

This is one of those occasions...

Allow us to present Alibi Restaurant and Lounge, a swank new hangout specializing in cocktail-fueled lounging and late-night dancing, opening Friday.

Herewith, four things to know about Alibi:

1. It’s a dance club. And yet not...
There’s backlighting. A DJ booth where house music will be spun. An improvised dance floor with plenty of room for you to showcase your robot on a weekend night.

2. ... Because sometimes you’ll come here for sandwiches.
It’s lunch, have a martini. (They make their own vodka, but more on that later.) Try a half-pound Minna Burger or the Muffuletta Twist, made with mortadella and salami from Molinari’s Deli.

3. You won’t find their vodka anywhere else... except Ukraine.
That’s where it’s made. It’s called Bilenka. It’s distilled six times, filtered through milk and, somewhere along the way, incorporates glacial water. Ukraine doesn’t mess around.

4. But back to those lockers...
They’re for rent. Get one, and they’ll work with you to fill it with up to 30 bottles that suit your tastes. Then, whenever you’re ready for a drink, you’ll hand them your locker key, and they’ll hand you your cocktail.

Seems like a fair trade.

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