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Rappelling Down a Waterfall into an Unexplored Cave

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Two kinds of explorers in this world:

1) The instinctive ones, who use their daring and intuition to make great discoveries.

2) Those who enlist a team of helicopter pilots, private chefs and ex-military men, in case that first group missed a spot.

We’re here to talk about the second kind.

Introducing World First: Guyana, a first-time rappelling journey into one of South America’s most powerful waterfalls, taking reservations now.

Your objective: to conquer the jungle setting from Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World... in the style of Stallone in Cliffhanger.

With a former member of the British Special Forces on belay (climbing speak for “keeping you alive”), you’ll rappel down Kaieteur Falls—a drop three times as steep as Niagara Falls—into the canyon below. There, you’ll shimmy under cascading waterfalls until your palms come up empty. You’ve got cave. Virgin cave. Start working on naming rights now.

To celebrate, you’ll soak in the bubbling plunge pools near the base as you consider your next conquest: a helicopter trip to the massive Mount Roraima on the Venezuelan border, where you’ll be among the first to rappel its 1,500-foot vertical prow.

You’ll spend your final two days trekking with Amerindian tribesmen in the jungle, but not without your private chef.

Together, they make a mean wild boar soufflé.

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