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Goodbye, Sel de la Terre. Hello, City Landing.

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Ah, the life of a celebrated restaurant.

It arrives. It’s beloved. People sorta stop coming... And then an equally celebrated restaurant takes its place.

Case in point: City Landing, your new go-to Greenway haven for bubbly and pierogies, opening a week from today in the former Sel de la Terre space on the waterfront.

Picture the old Sel de la Terre restaurant, only through an Instagram filter to brighten up the whole scene. That’s this place.

Which means now you can meet up with a few clients at a table by the Greenway-facing windows and finally lock that in-limbo contract over a few Merry-Berry’s (vodka, strawberry, basil, prosecco). Later, you and that sexy Duck Tours liaison—you met on the way out of the meeting—can get acquainted over yakitori duck meatballs and liver and onions with leeks and porcini pierogies (liver and onions on a first date... bold).

And if said date happens to be gluten-free, good news: they have a completely separate menu with stuff like hoisin barbecued rare tuna and beef tenderloin cured in coffee and brown sugar.

Also: remind your date that your hot tub is totally gluten-free.

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