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The other day, something terrible happened.

You walked into a shop. Poked at a pair of pants. Tried on a shirt. And unfathomably, nobody handed you a beer.

Fair to say you’ll never set foot in that place again...

Take your first look inside Gant Rugger, the brand’s first West Coast shop—it’s fully stocked with Americana-ish clothes and cold beer—now soft-open on Abbot Kinney.

If you’ve been an Ivy Leaguer, captain of the crew team or a toothpaste model... you might’ve picked up one of these oxfords before. If not, you might have gotten one at Barneys anyway.

Which brings us to now. When you walk into this bright, white-walled shop with an old gymnasium’s wood floor, you’ll find... all of it. Everything they’ve got. Think preppy oxfords, swim trunks, button-down shirts and conservative blazers—lots of plaid and stripes, lots of red and white and blue. So you can gear up here for the Dodgers game or a boat trip, and look like you’re in a commercial for Dodgers games or boat trips.

FYI, the doors are open now, but they’re still filling out the shelves—the official opening is in a couple weeks. Just know that if they like you (and we like your odds), they’ll crack open a beer for you while you browse.

Yes, the beer’s already here.


Gant Rugger
1308 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA, 90291


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