Just Bucket

New England’s Craziest Activities, Centralized

None Teen Wolf–style van surfing.

Ripping do-not-remove tags off of mattresses with righteous indignation.

Cheering for Bobby Valentine.

Yes, your appetite for extreme thrills is legendary.

Which is why you’ll dig the Boston Bucket List, a just-launched website for finding an array of New England–based adrenaline activities in one spot, online now.

On most days, your assistant operates at a level of efficiency that borders on ESP. And this includes finding the closest place to haul off and take a hot-air balloon ride/date on a random Wednesday (a strangely common request of yours). But the next time a) said assistant is on holiday, and b) the “I want to go skydiving in Maine” urge hits, think of this as your new go-to.

At present, you’ll find centers for sharpening your MMA and muay Thai skills (Kickboxer can only teach you so much), as well as where to spend a day ziplining in Western Massachusetts. Even where to rent a two-person mini powerboat and tear around Boston Harbor for a few hours (two words: Nana’s birthday).

And should you find you’ve already conquered most of these feats, know that they’ll be partnering with more obscure experiential outfits over the coming months.

No, you can’t offer your apartment for “extreme kitchen cleaning.”

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