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Like an ER for Jeans

None Michelangelo would’ve killed to have your butt.

Wait, that came out wrong.

It’s just that you and your butt did a mighty fine job breaking in your jeans.

And now that you’ve sculpted such fine lines, you’ll want to keep your denim masterpiece in good working order...

Say hello to Holy Stitch for Self Edge, a humble denim-repair shop hemming, darning and sewing up your beloved jeans, at your service now.

Think of this as an ER for your jeans. A team of surgeons (okay, they’re denim guys) will fix holes in your pockets, rips at your knees and other wear and tear. The result: jeans that look new. But not, you know, too new.

How they do it: industrial sewing machines, including a vintage ’50s Singer 47W70 and Union Special 43200G (the Cadillac of sewing machines, we assume), all recently moved into a workshop at 986 Market. (If you happen to be walking down there, you’ll likely see Calvin chain-stitching a pair of Levi’s in the window.)

You’ll drop your pair off at the Self Edge store on Valencia. Tell the guys there what you need worked on—you can keep it authentic or add colored stitching and lining. Then... wait. And two to five days later, your jeans will get messengered back.

Custom jorts for everyone.


Holy Stitch for Self Edge
714 Valencia St
(at 18th)
San Francisco, CA, 94110

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