An Ice Cream Truck. On a Boat.

None This heat.

It causes hallucinations. Craziness. Visions (see: the one with Bea Arthur challenging you to a fight).

Also: it produces semi-brilliant ideas. Like this: the Winni Ice Cream Boat, which is an ice cream truck on a pontoon boat, now available weekends on New Hampshire’s Lake Winnisquam.

Start by imagining yourself headed to the Lakes Region for a day trip. On the agenda: a lot of nothing. And by nothing, we mean grabbing a party boat for the afternoon, dropping anchor at the sandbar near Winnisquam’s marina and happily depleting the cold-beer stockpile one cooler at a time.

Somewhere between a ferocious round of frisbee and testing out your hand-sewn tubing prototype (and they said it would never fly...), you’ll recognize the body’s need for a cotton-candy-and-fruit-punch-flavored SpongeBob ice cream bar. Just then, you’ll hear the classic ice-cream-truck jingle, blaring from a 25-foot boat modified with special freezers and stocked silly with childhood memories. You’ll call them over. Perma-smiles will ensue.

And there’s more good news if you have a house there: just drop them an email ahead of time, and they’ll motor over chocolate and strawberry Dora the Explorer ice cream bars right to your dock.

Not to mention on-demand brain freeze.


Winni Ice Cream Boat
Lake Winnisquam, NH,

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