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The Rooftop Summer Was Made For

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You’re not the excitable type. But you do like things. All kinds of things.

Ponies. Those are nice.

Parks. Beautiful this time of year.

Punch bowls filled with rum. Always a crowd-pleaser.

Rooftop terraces on which to drink rum punch. Certainly.

Well, bad news: we’re fresh out of ponies. As far as the rest... get excited.

Take your first look at The J. Parker, Hotel Lincoln’s stunning rooftop perch, opening as early as next weekend.

As soon as the elevator doors open, you get the full expanse of Lincoln Park—zoo, ponds, red barnyard. Now turn to your right, and you’re looking at the glory of downtown. But more importantly, some nice cushioned seats, ready for you to spend the rest of the summer in.

The first order of business: that punch bowl. The cocktail list will change frequently, so there’s no time for you and six or seven friends to get to know a tequila-and-pineapple-syrup-filled Jalisco Punch. (Well, okay, you’ll make time.)

Boka Restaurant Group is running the show—and Perennial Virant is a mere 12 floors below—so, yes, eat. The menu is mix-and-match: choose a protein from column A (steak, chicken-sausage pierogies, cocktail wienies) and an accompaniment from column B (fried pickles, herb butter). The kitchen, however, reserves veto privileges.

They’re quite protective of their wienies.


The J. Parker
at Hotel Lincoln
1816 N Clark St
(at Lincoln)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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