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Boozing in Real-Time

It's been a busy week—what with you helping to change the course of American history and all. You deserve a drink.

Good thing you have a sixth sense for that perfect midweek spot. But why keep it to yourself? Introducing, letting you share your finely tuned scene-sonar with the rest of the city. Just think of it as spreading the wealth.

Launched last week, Howsthebar lets you report on a bar's quality when it matters most—when you're still there. Just pull out your cell, log into the mobile site and answer a few multiple choice questions (size of the crowd, male-female makeup, average age, etc). The information's uploaded instantly to the web—so any skimpy-dressed Chicagoans trying to decide where to go for the evening can benefit from your informed views (you give and you give and you give).

There are about 15,000 Illinois bars listed on the site, but since it's still in beta, you'll notice a few startup imbalances. For instance, suburban bars are rocking especially hard right now.

But something tells us all that will change...

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