Things to do for July 05, 2012

The Weekender

Your Weekend Equipment List: Kayaks, Putters and Hammers

The weekend has a few Roman candles left in reserve.

Playing Mini-Golf in a Museum

Playing Mini-Golf in a Museum

You were inspired by Tiger’s performance last weekend. Which leads you, somewhat incongruously, to the National Building Museum, where you can now play 12 holes designed by architects. You’ll putt through mazes, replicas of Washington landmarks and fields of helium balloons. Which Tiger probably doesn’t practice.

Watching Ghostbusters in a Garden

Watching <em>Ghostbusters</em> in a Garden

The worst part about a drive-in: the driving. Ditch the car, and just hang out in the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown’s new garden on Fridays as they show movies with gratis popcorn and movie-themed cocktails. This week: Ghostbusters. We anticipate a green cocktail.

Paddling by the Light of the Moon

Paddling by the Light of the Moon

At this outfitter near Harpers Ferry, you and your date will put in a canoe or kayak and paddle an easy stretch of the Potomac as the sun goes down and the full moon comes up. Bring a tent, because there’s optional camping right by the boat launch... just in case your date goes really well.

Buckets of Crabs at the Front Page

Buckets of Crabs at the Front Page

You’ve got plenty of time to kill on Sunday, so you don’t mind working for your dinner a bit. You’ll get a dozen crabs, unlimited slaw and corn on the cob, and crackers and hammers with which to attack said crabs. That is, if you forget to bring your engraved model in the velvet-lined box.

Jul 8, 4:30pm-close, $19.50, The Front Page, 1333 New Hampshire Ave NW, 202-296-6500

Next Thursday
Drinking Beer... for the Animals

Drinking Beer... for the Animals

There are two ways you can help an elephant at the zoo: 1) volunteer to clean up after him, or 2) drink some beer. You’ll take No. 2, in the form of this annual benefit that brings in 40 breweries. Or go VIP for full pours, tastes from 11 restaurants and all the Wii Olympics you can handle.

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