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On Union: Tater Tots and Bourbon on Tap

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We know you’re halfway out the door, off to some flag-waving, apple-pie-baking, fireworks-shooting barbecue-a-palooza. (Also, you have some July 4 plans.)

But before you go, you should know there’re some new tater tots in town, and they’re delicious.

Welcome Lightning Tavern, a new neighborhood watering hole from the Mayhem and Bullitt guys, soft-open... now.

This place looks a bit like what would happen if Dr. Frankenstein took over an English pub: decked out with old organ pipes, oversized beakers and a backlit mural of the Bay Bridge getting struck by lightning. But, you know, with TVs and pub food.

On tap: bourbon and fernet. On the menu: wings, those tots and a General Tso’s chicken sandwich. But the pièce de résistance: something called “community service”—a 60-ounce pitcher filled with the cocktail of your choosing. (Think standards like a Jack and Coke or a John Daly, plus the Strong Island—a riff on the Long Island iced tea.)

Oh, and the back patio—and its five flat-screens—is primed for catching, say, a Giants game. If no game is on, they’ll stream archived photos from the photo booth in the back corner.

Maybe keep that in mind before you head into the photo booth.


Lightning Tavern
1875 Union St
(at Laguna)
San Francisco, CA, 94123


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