Mark Ruffalo

On Cars, the Hulk and... Hair

None Mark Ruffalo: actor, Avenger, dabbler in the planet-saving arts... Also: great head of hair. We caught up with him when he was in town cohosting a fund-raiser for a local renewable energy nonprofit, and discovered a few things you might not know about him. Or his hair.

His wife’s an SF native, he filmed Zodiac here, and... well, he’s a fan. “I don’t understand why people go to LA, honestly. I mean, this is a far more beautiful place. It has the culture. Fantastic higher education. It’s just a very beautiful place.”

You may spot him on the town with... his grandmother-in-law. “[My wife’s] grandmother lives here. We love Chinatown. It’s fun. It’s funky...”

He’s no stranger to the local cuisine, having been to Quince and Tosca. “It’s been years since I’ve been crawling around the nightlife scene. But what is that great restaurant in the East Bay? Fantastic chef... Chez Panisse. That is amazing.”

Turning into the Hulk: easier than you think. “I didn’t have to do much training. I watched a lot of apes.”

He drives a Volvo station wagon. But... “I’m number 6,345 on the Tesla Coupe S list.”

Apparently, an Oscar nomination can’t get you a bump on that Tesla list. “No, they’re not into that at all. And I tried.”

His mom’s in the hair business. His tip for great hair: simple. “Don’t wash it.”

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