The Hunt


A Nook of Magnificent Dead Stuff on the LES

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When you get down to it, they’re what separates you from assassins you’ve seen in the movies.

You put some in your place, and all of a sudden you’re a human being, with a story.

And if you’re lucky, it’s a story that suggests you’ve wrestled a bear...

Introducing The Hunt, a nook on the LES just filled with old-world “that’d be perfect for my place”–ness and stuffed badassery, now open.

Vintage seltzer dispensers. A sign from the ’70s that says “Enjoy Cocaine.” A large taxidermied brown bear. A 45-starred American flag (a relic of those halcyon days before Oklahoma happened). A human skull. These are the types of things that make up this place—basically an oversized closet of random curios that are primed to give your walls and mantels character.

But you won’t find it without help. Enter through a place called the Great Frog. It’s a London-based jewelry shop that outfits Metallica and Motörhead and doubles as a rock photo gallery (not that that’s of any interest to you). Make your way through the back. That’s where the (dead) wild things are.

And if they don’t currently have the type of wall-mounted perfection you’re after, they’ll be happy to try to track down, say, a gold-plated war kazoo for you.

The world is full of splendors.


The Hunt
behind The Great Frog
72 Orchard St
(between Broome and Grand)
New York, NY, 10002


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