The Alley Bar at Rowes Wharf

Alley Oop

Drinking in an Alley. On the Harbor.

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Nice productive weekend.

You fixed the kitchen faucet. That paperwork on your desk... gone. You even read an entire article before posting it to Facebook.

You deserve a reward. In an alley, perhaps. With harbor views.

Shazaam: The Alley Bar at Rowes Wharf, a fraction of an outdoor watering hole wedged between the Boston Harbor Hotel and, well, Boston Harbor, is now open weekdays until 10pm.

This is essentially what would happen if the Boston Harbor Hotel decided to plop down some black wicker chairs, tables and a small bar with a flat-screen TV just for you (note: okay, this is exactly what happened).

Which means about an hour before normal people leave the office, you can already be facing grilled ham and boursin sandwiches, smoked salmon bruschetta and chilled grilled shrimp (pre-5 o’clock departures call for shellfish).

Or if you’ve just split the office and are looking to catch both the game and a few libations before the water taxi home, you’re covered. Go for cocktails like the Scary Thoughts (silver tequila, rum, blueberry syrup) or the Don’t Miss the Boat (dark rum, cranberry, Earl Grey tea, ginger beer).

Ironically, too many of the latter may lead to doing just that.

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