Canyon Ranch SpaClub

Rancho Relaxo

Massage and Booze, Together at Last

Everything in Vegas is improved by booze—blackjack, pool parties, the champagne room (hence the moniker).
And now, the spa.
Introducing Canyon Ranch SpaClub, your new relaxation chamber of choice—and the first spa in Vegas to serve alcohol—now open as a joint venture between the Venetian and Palazzo resorts.

Go in the afternoon, slip into the VIP locker room, and then start with the heavy lifting. We suggest a quick jaunt up the rock wall or some customized golf-swing tips in the Kinesis studio. Once you've worked out your slice, make your way to the Wave room, a high-tech water and light hydrotherapy room that makes you feel like you're beneath the ocean's surface (the aforementioned booze helps too).

Fortunately, Canyon Ranch also remembered it's not just women who need a little R&R—they've steered away from the flowery décor of spas past (most notably with a 65-inch plasma TV and leather wingback chairs) in the men's lounge, and even opened a private barber suite. Here you can grab a shave, a beer and a little PS3 (old school meets new school).

There's even going to be an igloo in the spa next year, where you'll be able to sit back under real snowfall, relax and share a cocktail with your favorite new Sarah Palin wannabe.

Exactly what you came to Vegas to do...


Canyon Ranch SpaClub
3355 Las Vegas Blvd South
Suite 1159
Center Strip
Las Vegas, NV, 89130

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