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Wheat Grass and Absinthe Tiki Drinks on ACK

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Day three of the heat wave.

Things are getting weird.

You’re staying at work longer (it’s the A/C). You’re looking into flights to Anchorage. When getting gas yesterday, you saw the evil bunny from Donnie Darko offering you a popsicle.

Let’s ctrl-alt-delete this away. We’re thinking Nantucket. Tonight.

And specifically: Met on Main, the new refuge for tiki drinks and enough tartare to constitute a tartare bar, opening this evening on ACK.

Take your sort of classic, rope-accented Nantucket café. Give it a touch of Casablanca (think: Moroccan fixtures). Add a 44-foot zinc bar with a standing section that works both as a cappuccino pit stop or a place for a healthy bee-pollen-and-wheat-grass shooter (essentially the anti–Jamba Juice). Mix. Boom.

And starting tonight, you can head in here and commence Operation Stop Sweating. Fueling your plight: North Shore fried clams. New Hampshire pork belly. Five different burgers. Even an entire tartare bar with prime sirloin, wild salmon and yellowtail (note to self: the lake house could use one of these).

Once the cool air sets in, head outside to the spacious bi-level garden patio for authentic tiki drinks using housemade syrups and served in proper tiki mugs. Our pick: Blood of the Tiki ACK with aged rum, bitters, grapefruit, lime and absinthe.

All this and you haven’t even been on the island 12 minutes. Nice work.

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