Privet Practice

A Sultry Russian Den in Gulfstream Park

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Need an ’80s movie villain, a notoriously tough figure-skating judge or an unmanned orbital satellite, and they’re your go-to.

Also, need a place that’s flush with vodka, loud music and Svetlanas until 3am, and they’re also your go-to.

Say hello to Privet, a sexy Russian den of Russianness (copious amounts of vodka, significant quantities of chicken Kiev and late-night go-go dancing) that’s opening this Saturday night in Gulfstream Park.

So, “privet” means hello in Russian. Feel free to bandy it about when walking through this palatial wonderland that’s awash in red velvet and gold chandeliers (the Russians are nothing if not understated). Take note of the massive DJ booth. It’s going to play music. When it does, go-go dancers will come running. Stand your ground.

What comes next: dancing. And vodka. And dancing. And vodka. And at some point, a spot of food. Retreat to one of the surrounding suede couches and order up some Soviet-influenced comfort dishes like grass-fed burgers with foie gras, chicken Kiev poppers with horseradish aioli and short-rib-stuffed grilled cheese.

Panini grills: all the rage in Moscow right now.

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