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If Genghis Khan Opened a Restaurant...

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The third date.

Pivotal. Crucial. A must-impress situation.

Which means you need to pull out the big guns. Like a tie. Or a puppy.

Or a sushi place where Asian emperors might have gone to grab a bite.

Behold: Empire Asian Restaurant & Lounge, a massive, multichambered temple of wok noodles and smoked pork ribs, slated to soft-open this weekend at Fan Pier.

Had Genghis Khan hung up his sword mid-plundering to turn his attention to creating cavernous Asian pleasure dens, he would have come up with this. There’s LED-lit Buddhist decor, lots of hardwood floors, a spattering of rope and a sleek, well-mirrored lounge area (helps avoid ninja sneak-attacks... or your ex).

To begin, you’ll want to belly up to the sushi bar for views of the entire space and a few blackened-snapper rolls. Or should you be bringing the entire Boston Pops, head to the raised private dining area for Singapore Street Noodles and smoked pork ribs glazed with black tea and sake.

From there, you’ll finish off the night at the cappuccino-colored granite bar in the back with a rum-heavy scorpion bowl for four. Or a tiki drink like the Suntory Fashion: Japanese whiskey, orange and bitters.

Bill Murray would approve.


Empire Asian Restaurant & Lounge
1 Marina Park Dr
Boston, MA, 02210


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