Back Deck

Back It Up

Like an Outdoor Backyard BBQ. Indoors.

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Life’s great mysteries:

Why we drive on a parkway, yet park in a driveway.


And the big one: why the backyard cookout can’t occur inside.

Consider that last one solved.

Breathe in the charcoal-y fun that is Back Deck, the new indoor-outdoor BBQ joint for chili-rubbed steaks and huge beers, opening today in Downtown Crossing.

Picture the average backyard BBQ hootenanny you’re known for throwing. Replete with multiple charcoal grills. The open breeze tickling the nape of your neck. Cushion-y patio furniture for devouring the occasional plate of smokehouse duck sausage. A gazebo. Now, imagine that in some corner of real estate downtown, and you’ve got this place (with gazebo).

You’ll start with a few fellow carnivores in a booth by the 100-foot wall of fully retractable windows. Then, commence consumption of charbroil grilled goodness: 12-ounce coffee-and-chili-rubbed bone-in rib eye steaks. Moroccan-style kebabs. Squid from a place in Rhode Island called Point Judith.

And since sudden upticks in protein levels always dry you out, you’ll look to their all–New England beer list to sate your thirst. Or just one of their shareable giant bowls of gin, vermouth and grilled-pear-y punch.

It’s not a BBQ till someone tosses fruit on the grill.

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