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A Seaside Playground in Pacifica

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Ah, the mighty Pacific.

Fearsome giver of life. Terrifying reminder of man’s ultimate insignificance in the universe.

Also: hell of a backdrop for a game of horseshoes.

Introducing Surf Spot, a laid-back homage to Northern California surfing culture, opening next Tuesday in Pacifica.

This is a real surfing vacation of a bar. Pile a bunch of your closest buddies into a car—preferably a woody or an old VW bus—with or without surfboards. Then head down Highway 1, where a private cabana awaits (more on that later).

It’s exactly the tiki-lit enclave you’d expect a local surfer/chef to dream up. From the outside, it’s unassuming. But inside, there’s a bar crafted from a redwood tree and photos taken from inside the barrel—that’s surfer speak for inside the wave looking out. Bonus: there’re horseshoes and a volleyball court on the grassy area outside past those cabanas.

Speaking of... You’ll access your cabana via the patio. They’re basically fancied-up driftwood shacks—each with a rooftop deck, fire pit and flat-screen. From here, you can order surf-town specialties like fish tacos, along with rounds of Hurricanes and Balinese mystery drinks called Jam Jars.

If you’ve been meaning to host an authentic luau complete with tiki dancers, drums and a pig roasting in an underground imu pit, this can all be arranged.

We know: we read your mind.


Surf Spot
4627 Coast Hwy
(near Fassler)
Pacifica, CA, 94044


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